Sunday, September 21, 2008

Camping in Warm Lake

We went to warm lake Idaho to go camping with the family and had a realy good time. We went boating and just lounged around. Averi realy loved the boat. We found these awesome hot springs that had all those bath tubs sitting by. There was a stream right next to it with cold water, so we mixed the hot spring water with the stream water to make the perfect temperature hot tubs. I can't believe summer is almost over.

Averi's Stitches

We were in church at our neices baby blessing when Averi decided to stir things up. I went to the bathroom and when I walked back in I saw Travis leaving the chapel with Averi, but didn't think much of it. The family told me when I got to the pew that Averi had hit her head, all well she does it all the time, so I sat down. When I saw Trav's parent's rush after him and the worried looks I figured I should probobly see what was going on. I am the mom after all. When I got in the hall I saw the spilt on her head and we rushed to the emergency room where it took all my self control to not junmp over the counter and strangle the guy at the desk when He didn't help us immediatly. For our first big accident I think we did rather well. I didn't panic to bad. Averi was a champ, she barely cried. I wouldn't put her down all day though. She just has a little scar now. She got ten stitches, 3 inside and 7 outside. I was glad that they wrapped her in the little "papoose" to give her the stitches. I wish I had one of those for when I need to wash her face or bet her boogers:) She fell asleep after struggling in the papoose for a while and took a good nap. We really know how to crash a baby blessing.

Back with Family

After a long, but successful summer in Texas, it's nice to be back in Utah with family again. Here are some pics of Trav's family when they all came for a baby blessing.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Here's Averi playing her favorite game: beat up on Red.

It's so much fun to watch them play together.

Well, I don't know if Red plays, but he tolerates.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Day at the Pool

Averi has a blast at our first pool day of the summer. She ate her first otter pop and loved just floating around in her water toy. She even kicked and swam around a little. She's going to be a total water baby by the end of the summer. Mom liked the pool too, but had to be careful not to blind everyone as the sun reflected off my skin. At least I didn't burn too bad. Today was stormy and rainy so we'll have to wait to hit the pool again.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Averi Walking

We're still working on getting a realy good video of Averi walking, but this one is prety good. Becca and I were playing fetch with her to get her to walk. We can't believe how grown up she is. She's only ten and a half months! She also learned to open drawers this week. There's no rest for mom. We're in a new apartment now and its nice to have our friends from rexburg here with us. Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there.

At the Park

Averi loves the swing and couldn't stop laughing the first time that we put her in it.